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How do you be a medic in the military?

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First make sure you are 18 years old and a legal U.S. Citizen by birth or naturalization or have Permanent Resident Status/Green Card. You do not have any past criminal convictions/felonies. (misdeamenors can be waived) 1. Get either a H.S. Diploma or a GED. 2. Go talk to a military recruiter. I recommend you talk to more than just one recruiter from one branch of military service. Best option is to talk to them all: Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army, Coast Guard. 3. Once you spoke to several recruiters and decided which branch you want to serve in. Have your recruiter schedule you to take the ASVAB and go to MEPS. (Military Entrance Processing Station) 4. Score high on the ASVAB (50 and higher the better your chances) and a list of medical jobs that you qualify for that are available at that momment will be presented to you. So keep your nose clean and prepare yourself well to take the ASVAB and there should be no reason you won't be able to get a medical job.

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What is a corpsman's job?

He is a military medic.

Does West Point Military Academy offer military Medic training?

I don't think so........................

Can a medic in the military change bread and wine into Christ's body and blood in extreme circumstances?

Only if that medic happens to be an ordained Catholic priest or bishop.

How do you become a combat medic?

Same as any other job in the military. Go to a recruiter, score well enough on the ASVAB to qualify and tell your recruiter that you want to be a medic. Make sure it says medic (68W in the US army) on your contract.

Can females go into the army as a battlefield medic?

Yes. Nothing restricts women from joining the military to become nurses.

Could medics be corporals in World War 2?

yes medic was a military occupation and had no bearing on rank and promotion

Combat medic vs corpsman?

A Corpsman is a navy medic. Typically when somebody is talking about a combat medic, they mean a line medic, or a medic who actually goes into combat with a unit vs a medic who works in a hospital.

Salary of a combat medic?

there is not a set salary for a combat medic... It all depends on your ranking within the military. You can pull up pay charts for time in service/rank, etc... To see exactly what the monetary reward is.

Captured medical personnel are not considered pow's?

All military personnel, be they medic, chaplain, private, or general, can be considered POWs.

How much will you get paid a month to be a combat medic?

In the military you get paid by rank and if you are in a war zone the pay is a bit higher. When you first go into the military you are the lowest rank so you get the lowest pay.

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What is the medic war.

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Medic is a noun, a person trained in medical treatment.

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As a cry for medical assistance or as a job title. As a job title it would be used as a noun. "Oh you must be the platoon's new medic."

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