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six speed? unless you consider way to do it is with a vacuum pump. or have someone pump it three times-hold it down and open up the bleeder. just like doing brakes.

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Q: How do you bleed the slave cylinder on a 1994 Ford F 150 with a 4.9 engine and 6 speed manual transmission?
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Where is the bleeder valve on a 1991 ford explorer manual transmission?

To bleed the hydraulic system for the clutch slave cylinder, there is a fitting on the drivers side of the transmission

What switch prevents shifting in 95 escort manual transaxle?

There is no switch which will keep it from shifting. Instead, the clutch is not releasing the power of the engine from the transmission. Bleed the clutch.

Where do you bleed the clutch on a 1989 Honda Prelude?

You will find the bleeder valve on the Slave Cylinder, which is mounted on the front of the transmission, by the radiator. You will find it in the front and center of the engine compartment.

How do you bleed the power assisted clutch on a 1994 ford escort wagon?

Thru the bleed valve on the slave cylinder attached to the transmission.

How do you bleed a Saturn SL2 Hydraulic System?

Which are you referring to? Brakes or manual transmission slave cylinder? Either way, you need to find the bleeder. You will more than likely need a second person to help you. Get a manual on the vehicle for more details.

How do you know when the clutch master cylinder is gone in a 1995 escort?

Whenever you are having a problem with the clutch disengaging the engine from the transmission it is advisable to bleed the clutch slave cylinder. If the clutch can't be operated by bleeding the slave cylinder then the clutch master cylinder is gone and should be replaced.

Where is the location where you bleed a clutch for 94 Honda Accord?

You bleed the clutch at the slave cylinder located near the transmission close to the radiator up front.

What if your 1990 Nissan d21 4 cylinder 5 speed does not go into gear you think you blew the clutch but you heard it has a hydraulic manual transmission is it possible you are low on hydraulic fluid?

u have a slave cylinder bolted on the side of the transmission,check to see if it is leaking,if it is ,replace and bleed,if not leaking .check your clutch master cylinder to see if its low, if not ,then u may need anew clutch.

How do you bleed the transmission fluid for a manual transmission?

a manual transmission does not have transmission fluid. It has thich gear grease. when you take the transmission pan off. do it slowly, and allow one corner of it to lower first allowing the thick grease that has broken down over time to run out into a catch pan.

What if your 88 accord lxi is leaking clutch fluid?

your slave cylinder is bad,its bolted on to transmission,replace and bleed system.

How do you change the slave cylinder on a 98 Sunfire?

Disconnect the fluid lines to the slave cylinder. Remove transmission(refer to hanes manual), the clutch will stay on the motor pull the trans off so input shaft is out of clutch then pull out the slave cylinder. Put trans back in. Attach lines. Will have to bleed it, just like bleeding breaks.

How to replace slave cylinder Chevy cavalier 98?

This is not for beginners. You have to drain the transmission, remove the axles, remove the transmission, install the new cylinder, then replace the transmission, axles, add new synchromesh fluid to the tranny, and bleed the clutch hydraulics. You can get the whole procedure from Autozone's website.

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