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== == For digital TV, you can build a DB4 antenna out of wire coat hangers and a piece of wood. Very simple to make. There are step by step instructions here - - It works great. It depends on what you want to do with it. A receiving antenna for 40 m shortwave could be just a long piece of wire tacked to the walls. An antenna to transmit and receive at 440 MHz is a completely different animal. Here's a fun web site:

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Q: How do you build a simple home use antenna?
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If the player enables radio it should use either an in built antenna of use the earphones as an antenna. Nothing more to buy or build.

Can you Build a low cost TV antenna for RV use?

sure its called a hanger

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I have not seen any digital TVs with a built in antenna. Depending on where you live you could use a simple "rabbit ears" setup or even one with a built in amplifier if you're a bit far from the stations.

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