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How do you calculate tax tag and title for a new car?

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In buying a car the tag and title are a set price set forth by the state with a very small difference based on the person doing the notary work. Find out what that dealership charges. In most places tag and title are around 100 dollars. As for the tax, it will vary by state. Pa is .06. So to figure out tax for a car say 1000 dollars. Just use simple math. 1000 X 1.06. Or 1000 x .06 and add that number to 1000.

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How do you calculate tax tag and title for a new car in Oklahoma?

sales excise tax , title, tag, for 2012 Fiat 500 in Oklahoma

Can you tag your car in another state with an outstanding title loan on it?

Probably not. It would require a new title to be issued.

Can you get a tag for a car that has no title?

No, you cannot get a tag or register a car without the title and proof of ownership. This document is required throughout the U.S.

How do I register a car purchased from a private seller in Georgia?

You have to get insurance on that car and go to any County tag office in GA for a new title or registration and a new tag. Certain year model cars require you have the title - not just a bill of sale.

Can you get a tag for your deceased child car that the title is in his name?

I am a car salesman. My experience is yes. You need to call your local tag and title office.

How do you get a new pink slip for a car?

You can get a new pink slip or title for a car by contacting the Clerk of Courts in your county (or the county where you purchased the car). The Clerk of Courts can issue a new title through the tag or tax collector's office.

How do you register a sweepstakes won car in New York state?

Go to the tag office with the title.

Can I get a tag sticker for a deceased parent car without the title to the car?

no not if it is not in your name

What can you do if you lost your car title?

Visit you local tag office and apply for a replacement title.

Is it possible to get a tag for a salvage car?

You can register with a salvage title.

How do you calculate tax tag and title for a used car?

Usually tax is around 3% of the purchase price. Title and registration is around $100. These fees vary from state to state and sometimes county to county.

How do you get a tag without title application?

You cannot get a tag without title information from the application. When you purchase a car the price should include tags and titles.

What do you do after buying a car from a previous owner?

Get insurance, a tag and a the title in your name

How do you get a title for a antique car that does not have a vin tag?

They used the engine numbers.

How much does a used car tag and title cost in Florida?


What does a thirty day tag or temporary tag mean?

A temporary tag or thirty day tag is the tag that is given to you by the title office or car dealer until you can get your permanent tags. You need to affix this to your car so you don't get pulled over.

How do I get a title for a vintage car that only has a bill of sale The person only has a bill of sale the state of Ga doesn't require a 35yo car to have a title?

go to your local tag office and apply for a salvage title go to your local tag office and apply for a salvage title go to your local tag office and apply for a salvage title ANSWER The Modified Notary Certificate of Default Method: VERY EFFECTIVE!

Can you get a tag for a car in nc without having a title?

you can apply for a mechanics lean, but it is risky.

How can you get an ex-boyfriends name off your car titles?

He would have to sign off on the back of the title as the "Seller" and you would sign as the "Buyer." After that, take it to your local tag office to apply for a new title.

What is the process of transferring a car title from the seller to the new buyer in a car deal?

First things first make sure that the title is in the sellers name and that it is a legal title with no lien holder. Second you will need to go down to the tag agency and have the title signed there so they can witness it or the seller can have it notorized either way will be suffiecient. Next it take to the tag office if you are not there already and they will finsh the process for you and may receive it there or in the mail.

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Can you sell a vehicle without of date tag?

Yes, the tag has nothing to do with selling the car. As long as you have a clear title, no lien against it, you can sell it.

Can you go to tag office and get copy of car title?

yes, you will need the plate number and 15.00 dollars for a lost title fee.

How long do you have to buy a car tag in Oklahoma?

A person has 30 days to purchase a new car tag in the state of Oklahoma. Most car dealers will give a person a 30 day temporary tag to use until the new ones are purchased.

How long do you have to buy tag in Georgia for used car?

GEORGIA NEW TAG LAW!!To get a tag on a car in Georgia.If you bought the car from a dealer you have 30 days.If you bought it from a private party you have 7 days ...