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Plant in sun to partial shade. Perfectly sized for rock gardens and border fronts. Superb for baskets, containers and window boxes. Tolerates hot, dry conditions. Plant in ordinary, well-drained soil. Allow soil to dry between waterings.

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Q: How do you care for a live strawflower plant?
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A common garden or household plant that has yellow flowers?

gazania strawflower osteospermum gerbera daisies shasta daisies lily ......

How long can a grass plant live?

it depends on how you care about it....

How long can a plant live?

well you have to figure out what kind of plant it is. it totally depends on what kind of plant it is and how good you take care of it.

What are 3 things plant need to live?

Mostly Water, sun, and care.

What do you do if you askk your parents to let you buy a guinea pig and they keep saying no?

This is hard to take when you really want a pet. You can show them that you can be responsible. Ask them to try out a live plant for awhile to show them you can take care of a live thing. Get a live plant and take care of it for a decided amount of time and that will show your parents you can be responsible for a live animal.

How do you care for Italian heather plant?

How do I care for an Italian Heather plant?

How many years can a lily plant live?

as long as it is taken care of it will live long but in the winter if the roots are left in they will come back in the summer.

How do you take care of a dracaena plant?

how do you take care of a dracaena deremensis plant

How to care capsicum plant?

The capsicum plant is a type of plant that grows chilies. To care for them, fertilize them after flowering and while they are fruiting.

In how many days does a watermelon grow after you plant the seeds?

It takes around 120 days which is around 4 month.. it greatly depends on where you live and how you take care of a plant

How you care for a plant with a plant disease?

I follow instracsion to care aplant with have a desease and also step

How many tomatoes can a tomato plant produce?

it depends on the plant and how long it grows for but a healthy tomato plant will continuously produce fresh tomato's as long as the plant is properly taken care of and it is possible for them to live for mutable years in green house's.

How do I take care of this plant?

you have to water it every other day about a 3of a cup

How do you care for mushrooms?

Plant them

Need a slogan for a chemical plant?

In name of plant we care

What is the scientific name or taxonomic classification of the annual flower Strawflower?

The scientific or taxonomic name would be Helichrysum bracteatum.

How should one care for a Poinsettia plant?

To care for a Poinsettia plant you should; avoid drowning the plant with water, position in good lighting, and thoroughly watering the plant when the compost begins to dry out.

Where do plant cells live?

Plant cells live inside plants.

How do you take care of a Epipremnum plant or a Pathos plant?

You put water on it.

Is curry plant know as Helichrysum italicum really edible?

This member of the Aster family, Helichrysum italicum AKA Curry plant or gold strawflower is indeed edible. It is not a normal component of curry powder but young leaves are often used to flavor meats, salads or mayo. The leaves smell rather than taste like curry. This plant is also being investigated for medicinal uses.

How do I care for a prayer plant?

Pray for/with it.....

Where can plant like protists live?

Plant like protists live in water.

What color are the flowers on an oregano plant?

The oregano plant flowers are typically purple and white in color. The oregano plant needs special care for a person to grow and take care of. The oregano plant is purple and white.

What is the adaptation to help the plant live of a calamansi plant to help the plant live?

ability to reproduce in a watery environment

How do you care for a palmera house plant?

water plant only about once a month