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I own a CR-V, but the problem is pretty much universal with the early 2000 Honda vehicles. Make certain that the fuse to the clock circuit is not blown. If it is okay, the problem lies with the clock itself. The clock numerals consist of liquid CRYSTAL diodes (LCD), and not light emitting diodes (LED). When the LCD's 'die' that is the end of them and the entire clock unit must be replaced.

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Q: How do you change 2002 Honda odessy clock illumination bulb?
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How do you change the clock light bulb on 2002 Honda odessy?

I had to take mine to the dealer and they removed the entire dash board. Cost me $220. Now my mode, fan and rear fan lights are out. They can stay out.

How do you change the clock light on your 2000 Honda CR-V?

The clock light is an integral part of the clock and is not replacable by itself

How do you change the clock time on a Honda odyssey absolute?

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How do you change the clock light in a 1999 Cr-v Honda?

There is no back light for the clock. The clock numbers are actually LED's - there is no way to replace them - the entire clock will have to be replaced.

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How do you fix the backlight of your clock so you can read it at night on a 2000 Honda Accord Ex V6?

you take off the dashbord and get to the clock to change the light

How do you set the clock on 2011 Honda Pilot?

To set the clock on a 2011 Honda Pilot, press the middle of the knob that adjusts the clock until you see the part that you need to change, such as the hour. Then, turn the knob until it gets to the correct time. Then, select "exit" to finish.

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How do you change clock illumination panel light on r reg Corsa?

You have to remove the airflow on the front panel underneath the clock . You will find two small screws. undo those and the clock will pull up. Unclip the power feed wire and turn the bulb anti clockwise to remove.

How do you set the clock in a 2002 Honda s2000?

Hold the Scan/RPT button down then press the 4 to change the hour or 5 to change the minute.

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