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This may depend on why you are replacing the cable. If the cable broke at the clutch end, then you'll simply remove that part, keeping the washers, etc. from that end. If not, then you'll need to use a screw driver to remove it (Look just BEHIND the plastic housing on the top of the motor and you'll see what looks like a wormy-looking piece of rubber... this is near the end of your cable.)

After you remove that, you need to get under your clutch pedal and pop the pin that holds it in place (unless this is why you're replacing it, then it MAY be detached, but not necessarily.)

Once you've detached both ends, you'll need to pull the cable through the fire-wall. Keep track of which washers, etc. go where and what end goes where, although it outta be pretty easy once you find the clutch cable!

Put the new cable through the firewall, then attach the cable to the pedal under the steering wheel. You'll need to put the new pin back through the back of the clutch pedal.After you're done with that, under the hood (there's also an adjustment there, and you want the clutch to fully engage OR you can damage your clutch driving it without adjusting it properly!) you'll need to reattach that end of the clutch cable, THEN BE SURE TO ADJUST IT PROPERLY!

When you push the clutch pedal, the clutch should fully engage (With the pedal fully depressed, the car should NOT be in gear at all!). You can get away with a little bit of driving with it somewhat out of adjustment, BUT you do NOT want to drive it if it it's too loose or too tight (generally it's best to start off a little loose, then tighten it until it's right where it outta be, and you can feel it... there outta be no slippage whatsoever! If so, it's too loose.

Best to you and all the other Subie owners out there! The best cars on the road! :)

Hope this helps!

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Q: How do you change a clutch cable with housing in a 1992 Subaru Legacy?
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Why is the clutch on your 1998 subaru legacy outback stuck to the floor?

Your clutch cable snapped. It should be an easy fix.

How do you replace clutch Subaru justy?

how do u change clutch on 88 aubaru justy

How do you replace the clutch slave cylinder on a 1998 subaru legacy?

remove the old one and install a new one.

Why is the clutch petal on my 1993 Subaru legacy L stuck to the floor?

your clutch cable located at rear of motor is snapped, bro has one for $50 bucks, bro easy fix

How much does it cost to replace the clutch on a 1992 subaru legacy?

just had mine done last week and it was £175 fitted by local garage

How do you replace the clutch on a 1990 2wd Subaru Legacy?

It is a BIG job. Unless you have a lot of tools and are a good mechanic, take it to a garage. If you want to do it yourself get a manual from AUTOBOOKSONLINE.COM.

Where is the bell housing to disengage the clutch?

The bell housing surrounds the clutch assembly. Mounted between the engine and the transmission.

What else is a bell housing called?

Clutch housing, torque converter housing

How do you change the spark plugs on a 1986 Subaru GL?

the last time i changed the spark pluges in my 86 subaru gl wagon, i took the engine out. seriously, it needed a clutch at the time.

How do you adjust the clutch on a 1997 Subaru?

It probably has a hydraulic clutch so you will have to bleed the air out of it.

What if your subaru legacy 2.5 keeps over heating you have put a new radiator in and replaced the theromostat but it still over heats what would the problem be?

Check; coolant, fan, fan clutch and fan clutch solenoid, blocked or partially blocked lines and coolant gallery.

How long to chage aclutch on Subaru Forester?

Time to change a clutch depends entirely on who is doing it. If you want a quote of flat rate time, call a local garage or your Subaru dealer's service department.

Why doesn't the AWD work on the 1996 subaru legacy?

i have the same problem on my 95.Heard it it may be the trans. solenoid or( clutch? )teeth gears worn. In the mean time put your fwd fuse in and its fine.

How do you adjust clutch on 2002 Subaru F orester?

look under the dash at the top of your clutch pedal ;)

How to adjust a clutch on a 1996 Subaru?

If it has a hydraulic clutch, I believe they can not be adjusted. When the pedal travel is no longer acceptable the clutch disc must be replaced.

Approximately how much would it cost to replace a clutch in a 1993 Subaru Legacy on the east coast that's not 4WD?

that should cost between 375 to 600 depending on the quality of the parts used, and the rate of the shop.

Please direct me to the cover to change the pressure plate.?

I assume you mean the clutch pressure plate. If that is what you mean there may not be a cover. On older cars and trucks there is a flywheel cover on the bottom of the bell housing. At any rate to replace the clutch pressure plate you will have to remove the transmission. Then the bell housing to gain access to the clutch plate mounting bolts.

Where is the slave cylinder located on a 94 geo prism?

It is mounted to the clutch housing. Have someone push on the clutch pedal and follow the movement of the cable. From the driver side look down towars the clutch housing, it is on top.

How do you replace a clutch on a 2001 Ford Focus SE?

First remove front axels, then remove the transmission, undo clutch bell housing. Add on new clutch pressure clutch bell housing......put the transmission back in and axels

Where is the neutral safety switch Subaru manual transmission?

The neutral safety switch or (clutch safety switch) is above the clutch pedal near the fire wall. It is a small black (on my Subaru Impreza) button that is about half way between the pedal and where the clutch arm is attached.

Can you adjust clutch on 2001 subaru impreza?

no, they are supposed to be self adjusting.

How do you change a clutch on a 1995 Chevy S-10?

same way as on most models,except it has a fifth bolt on the top of the bell housing

Why does a Subaru wrx stall at redlights?

When you stop, you may be letting the clutch out to early.

Where is the clutch resovoir on Nissan primastar?

The clutch and brake`s share the same resovoir the clutch master cylinder is attached to the top of clutch pedal and the clutch slave cylinder is inside the gearbox bell housing.

Is it possible that the mechanic who replaced my clutch cracked the thermostat housing accidentally?

Don't know what kind of vehicle you have but a thermostat housing and the clutch are not connected in any way. Need more info.