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Call a rollback and have it delivered to your local VW stealership along with your CC info! There are two bolts that are litterally under the transmission that cannot be moved by anything in your toolbox. I had a Snap-on tools truck for half an hour and we came up with nothing to get on the head of these two bolts. As far as I can gather the engine/transmission has to be separated to accomplish taking these two bolts out. Other than that it looks easy! I'll be calling the rollback tomorrow and setting the mason jar of removable bolts on the passenger side seat for the stealership to reinstall on the new pan after secretly removing these two 10mm headed stubborn bolts. Good luck!!!!


I just replaced the oil pan on my 98 Beetle, and the procedure is the same for the 99. You need a 10 mm socket to remove the 18 bolts around the pan, and then you need a special tool sold by snap-on that to mee looks like an Alan wrench built onto the bottom half of a socket. You need a size 5. What would also work would be an Alan wrench with the little ball on the end and something to hold onto to give you leverage. Apparently the little hex-type hole in the middle of the 10mm bolts is for just this purpose.

Hello, I just helped a friend remove the oil pan on his daughters 99 beetle. We finally found a tool to get to the two hard to get to bolts. What you need is a 5mm ball end Allen wrench. They sell them about anywhere tools are sold. We got ours at a harbour freight store for $7.99 for a whole set. I noticed sears has then too. It took about 2 minutes to get the bolts out. He had a crack welded up in the pan for $35.00. Bought a new gasket for $16.00 and was back on the road the same day.

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Q: How do you change a cracked oil pan on a 1999 VW Beetle?
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