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You have to take your grill off and when that comes off the lamp will be sitting around two clamps you have to undo them, pull the lamp housing out turn the light bulb counterclock wise until it pops out and then you will have the light bulb there will be two tabs on the said u have to push in for it to come out and then you end up with the ligh bulb in a round thing you have to again pry the grey tabs up (I used a small flat head screwdriver) and the bulb should come right out. Any bulb is good, sylvana is a good bulb brand. They may make halogen bulbs which are brighter. check you local auto parts store.

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โˆ™ 2005-12-20 04:27:14
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Q: How do you change a day running light bulb in a 2003 Tahoe Also what type of better bulb would you use to replace them with?
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