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First. Drain the system. Remove the heater core hoses at the fire wall. Remove the "lower insulator panel and glove box." Then the lower instrument panel brace, and heater core cover. The is on the left hand side, in the cavity where the glove box goes. Remove the retaining screw, and pull the heater core, "down and out to remove it." It also says to make sure that all of the sealing material is in place before reinstalling.

The first answer makes this repair sound so easy. Take it to a shop and pay the price. It is not by any means easy. It is the stuff of nightmares are made of. Dozens of screws and bolts, pieces of your plastic dash will easily crack and break. I should known something was wrong when the parts guy and also mechanics cracked sly grins, despite knowing my buddy and I fearless mechanical abilities.

The top portion of the dashboard will have to be removed from the vehicle. The dash portion that houses the gauges, vents, temp control, glove box which some call the instrument panel - yeah that big 'ole thing will have to be lowered down and forward, disconnect fat wire harnesses for little more work room, that also includes dropping the steering column too. All of this has to be done just to get the housing where the heater core hides. The heater core housing is another different monster and at which point we threw the towel in and put the behemoth back together. I will gladly pay a professional mechanic to do this . Oh did I mention you will have under the hood work too, like discharging the ac system. I gladly returned the part to the parts store and collected $59.

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Q: How do you change a heater core on a 1992 Caprice?
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