How do you change a master cylinder in the clutch on a 93 Saturn LS?

you must replace the entire assembly, clutch master cylinder, hydralic line, and slave cylinder. the clutch system was designed to be replaced as a unit, they came from the factory pre-filled and pre-bleed . the unit can be replaced by first removing the retainer clip from the clutch pedal. use a small flat head screw drive to lift the retaining tab, and then slide the clip off. from under the hood... grab the clutch master cylinder and twist, the unit is held in by 2 tabs, so basically, twist and pull. there are 2 13mm nuts on the transmission at the slave cylinder, remove them. same action on the slave, twist and pull. the entire assembly should come out. its pretty easy accually, book time only calls for .5 hours to remove and replace. you can get a new assembly at the dealer, or a used assembly from a salvage yard