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There is a smaller triangle shaped panel at the corner of the window inside the front of the driver's side door. that panel pops off being held by clips. When opened, pull out the rubbery type insulation in the whole. behind it are 3 bolts (relatively hard to access). Luckily i was able to push on the mirror towards the door (to release pressure on the bolts) and unscrew the nuts by hand. Basically, these three bolts unscrew and the mirror is free after a little wiggle and pull. Be sure to disconnect the harness for your powered mirror and keep that from falling within the inside the door as well ( to avoid having to take off the whole door panel to find it )

Replace the new mirror with the 3 bolts in their holes with the gasket fitted in place, replace the nuts from the inside and tighten by hand while pushing the mirror hard into place, then use whatever necessary to further tighten these nuts.

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Q: How do you change a side mirror on a 1996 Chevy pick-up?
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