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How do you change a starter drive gear in a1984 F-150 300 6-cylinder?

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2006-09-24 16:48:14
2006-09-24 16:48:14

Hello, If you are talking about the gear on the fly wheel, 1. remove the fly wheel from the back of the motor. 2. Remove any grease and oil. 3. put it into the kitchen oven at 400 deg. for about 20-30 min. 4. Then use pliers to remove or relocate the gear. The gear is made of softer metal than the wheel, so it will exspande at a lower temp and wheel need a higher temp to exspande. The heat from the oven will heat the gear evenly so it can be lifted off with pliers. J.

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first you go to the car drive it to a car place and ask dem

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In my '86 Park Ave. 3.8 the starter was just behind the bottom of the rad in the front of the car. In my case I could start the car from the starter but not the ignition then later found out it was not enough cranking power in the battery. Remember when lifting your car to change the starter block both back wheels, front-wheel drive will roll,try battery 1st but starter is not too difficult to change.

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Pull the primary cover. Bend the tab gently on the starter drive and loosen the tiny screw that holds the pinion gear on, then pull the wires off the starter and take out the two Allen bolts holding it in and the starter will come out.

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