How do you change a title on a deed?

Title is the legal relationship between a person and their property. A deed is the instrument by which title to real property is generally transferred. A deed is the legal evidence that a person owns a certain property. The grantee on a deed is the new owner of the land. The new owner has title to the property. A person who owns property has title, or, the right to possess, control, and dispose of it by their will or deed. If they die without a will the property will descend to their heirs at law according to the laws of intestacy.

A deed must be in writing, on paper and properly executed. To be effective against the world it must also be recorded in the land records. It is evidence of ownership of land and therefore it is evidence of title. However, a deed is not the only means by which title to real property is passed. Title to real property can also pass through a will or other type of probate proceeding, by a court decree or by a taking in fee.

In order to change the ownership of real property the present owner must execute a deed that transfers ownership to a new owner. Once that new deed is delivered the new owner has Title to the property.