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Drain coolant,loosen water pump pulley bolts and remove serpentine belt. V6-remove Power Steering pump bracket, remove hoses from water pump,remove water pump pulley and unbolt the water pump.DO NOT PRY the pump away from motor. If its stuck strike it with a soft face hammer. V8- Remove cooling fan, Remove radiator and heater hoses from pump. disconnect the electrical connector and unclip it from the water pump. Unbolt ignition coil bracket and carefully move it out of the way. it is very fragile. move the air injection pump. Remove the water pumpmounting bolts and detatch it. A gain,DO NOT PRY. For installation, Make sure all old gasket material is removed with a scraper or razor blade, and then apply a thin layer of new gasket sealer, place pump in position and finger tighten bolts. When tightening make sure not to overtighten or they will strip and leak. Then simply reverse removal, reill with coolant and start up and check for leaks.

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Q: How do you change a water pump on a 1995 camaro?
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