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"G", I've clicked on the link you provided, and I'm not authorized to view it, since I'm not a memeber of that Forum. I've been trying for two days now to join, but their confirmation code never comes up. Could you get approval from the webmaster of that Forum to post the proceedure here? There seem to be quite a few of us fighting this same issue, it cost me a pulled tricep trying to get the Power Steering pump pulley off, so now it's either i get some help from the web or pay a mechanic to do it. I'd rather be my normal grease-under-the-nails cheapskate and do it myself if possible! Please help us out! Sorry, you do not leave a contact but that website changed their policy and removed their knowledge base postings. A dis-service to many people out there. Hope the following will help. 1) Drain the radiator. 2) Loosen the 4 bolts on the water pump pulley. You will remove the pulley and install it on the new pump. Just loosen the bolts 1/4" turn with the belt still on, this will prevent the pulley from turning. 3) Remove serpentine belt. 4) Remove 4 bolts and the pulley and set aside. 5) Remove two power steering pump bolts (15mm). You must do this because one of the bolts for the water pump is behind the PS pulley, and you can

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2007-04-23 16:12:02
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Q: How do you change a water pump on a 1997 Pontiac grand prix gtp?
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