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It depends if it is the front or rear brakes. Most likely if it is the front brakes you need to take off the front wheels then unbolt the two bolts on the back of the calper. Then you need to remove the caliper and take the brake pads out. After you do that you need to get a c clmp and push the caliper piston back into the calpier making sure that you take off the cap to your brake booster so it will release any fluid back into your resevor. After you have pushed the piston back in to where it is flush with the edge of the caliper, put the new pads back where the old one came out and put the caliper back on the rotor. After that bolt it back up and replace the wheels and reservor cap. Then the last step is to pump your break pedal. That should do it for you. If you have any questions you can e-mai me at any time and i will try to answer any questions you have. Im but i cant explain how to change your drums that are on the back in writing, i would have to talk to you on the phone or something. Ok later. I hope i helped you.

Sincerely willie

Its me again i didnt read the question correctly. Its was the back brakes that you needed help on. Well you would have to e-mail me that way we can get in touch. Sincerely willie

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Q: How do you change back brakes on a 1985 Chevy van?
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Go to thery have repairs guides online..

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Plesae cancel this reqeust

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Someone may have switched the sockets in the back of the lenses.

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You probably need to change your back brakes.

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Where can you find a 1985 Chevy G20 van fuse box diagram?

You can find the 1985 Chevy G 20 Van fuse box diagram in the back of the owners manual. You can also find the fuse box diagram in Chevy service manuals at your local library.