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I drilled holes in the floor pan of the Jeep right above the end of the bolts and sprayed the bolts with penetrating oil like crazy for a whole week. Then I hit the bolts with heat and used a impact gun on it for a couple of times to shock it. Then took a cheater bar really easy and busted them free. Now the back bolts are a little different. It was hard to get penetrating oil so the bolts snapped. I had to cut holes on the side of the undercarriage with a big bit. Then took a air chisel with a point on it and break the factory nuts. Then with the big holes on the side of the (Undercarriage not the body) I used a nut and a lock nut to secure the body down. Could use lock tight also. It might not be the right way but it worked for me.

2009-12-02 22:40:30
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Q: How do you change body mounts on 1994 jeep wrangler The nuts are boxed in the body and not accessible?
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