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It depends on the type of vehicle that you have. You have to remove the caliper which is what holds the brake pads and squeezes them against the rotor (the part the wheel bolts to) so that the friction stops the vehicle. Different manufacturers use different methods to mount the caliper. GM uses 2 bolts to hold the caliper in place using either a torx head bolt or a 3/8 hex bolt. Some Fords use two expandable pins to hold them in place that you can drive out of their slot with nothing more than a screwdriver or punch. After you get the caliper off you have to push the piston back into the caliper or the new pads won't fit in the space and go back over the rotor. Sometimes you can do this with a large pair of channel lock type pliers or with a special tool made for it but it has to be done. If the rotor has been scraping the metal plate of the old pads and and/or has grooves in it to any extent at all then they need to be "turned" on a brake lathe to true the surfaces or the new brakes will wear out very rapidly. If the rotors are severly worn and too thin then they will have to be replaced also. Best thing to do is talk to your guys at the auto parts store and they can explain that procedure to you.

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Q: How do you change brake pads 99 suburban?
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How do you reset your change brake pads indicator on your 99 sts after changing brake pads?

get a OBD2 (On Board Diagnostics) reader and reset the code.

How do you loosen the brake caliper to change the brake pads on 99 sunfire there are no bolts to be loosened that can be see?

it has 2 bolts that may be covered by plugs remove plugs

How do you repair rear brakes on 99 GMC suburban?

replace rear brake hydrolics

How can you fix low brake pedal on a 99 Saturn SL1?

a low brake pedal indicates worn brake pads and shoes.have then replaced

How much does a brake change cost?

A brake change job costs between 99 to 150 dollars. If you want to add brake pad also to be done, you may have to pay extra. Certain auto care centers like firestone provide life time warranty for parts like brake shoes , disc pads along with brake change.

How do you change the front brake pads on a 99 Hyundai Accent Hatchback?

Once the car is jacked up, remove the front tires, then with a 12 wrench key, remove the bolt that is located on the rear side of the caliper, not the one holding the brake fluid line buth the one right next to it. Pry the brake pad holder off and then remove the brake pads themselves. You will need to press the caliper's piston in, to be able to fit new brake pads since new pads will be thicker.

How much do brake pads cost for the Camry?

According to my research, brake pads for a '99 Toyota Camry are about $40. Remember that this is per brake pad. So, if you need all 4 replaced you could expect to spend at least $160 for parts.

Would worn brake pads in 99 dodge durango cause check engine light to come on?

no for sure not

Oil change on 99 GMC suburban?

What do you want to know about its oul changes? When, how, the cost...?

What type of brake pads go a 99 Plymouth van?

Depends on name and engine size. Ask at local NAPA

How do you change brakes on 99 dodge avenger?

If you mean just the brake pads it is as easy as pulling the tire, unmounting the brake caliper and pulling the pads out and putting new ones in (after depressing the hydrolic ram back to a start.) There is no reason you couldn't do this yourself, but you should get a repair manual or find good detailed instructions online.

Is their a brake sensor on the brakes of a 2002 Mercury Cougar V6 2.5L?

i have a 99 cougar 2.5l and yes they have a sensor if u change pads and theys ask u if it has sensor say yes Edit: Only '99 Cougars had brake wear sensors, all other years did not. So your '02 does not have the sensor.

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