How do you change brake pads on 2005 civic?

1. buy the appropriate break pads, for this car you need mkd465A (duralast). Make sure you get some grease with that.

2. Lay out your parts. Make two sets. The outside pads are identical, the inside pads with the wear sensors are for the inside. The wear sensors should be on the bottom.

3. Remove the shim on each pad. Grease the inside. Put them back on. Grease the outside.

4. Jack up the car and remove the tire.

5. Use a 12mm wrench to crack the bottom nut on the caliper.

6. Move the caliper to the upright position.

7. Remove the old pads and install the new ones into the slots.

8. Use a c-clamp to push the ring piston back in.

8.5. When using the C clamp to push the piston back in, remove the brake filler cap to allow the pressure to flow up through the reservoir: this will prevent any seals form breaking.

9. Lower the caliper and use a stick or wrench to push the bolt assembly in until the caliper fits (failing to use a tool can result in a finger-pinch). Note: the caliper can be moved (springs) forward and backward a bit.

10. Put in the bolt and tighten it. the material is soft, so over tightening is unlikely.

11. Put the tire back on.

12. Pump the brakes until firm and test drive.


O3 & MTI


grease melts under temperature (your brakes WILL get hot) & then goes everywhere, in due course, it will end up on your brake pads & they wont work & you could crash!

the shims will not & never will need grease (i've recently done another set on a CRX that has done 350,000km (220,000Miles) & they have never had grease near the brakes and never will need it!)