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Most (All?) of the Ford brakes on late models use a screw bleed caliper. You can't "clamp" bleed the caliper cylinders like you can on other vehicles, it will permanently damage the cylinder. If you visit your local Advance Auto or Auto Zone, they have a tool you can borrow for the job. They will give you instructions on how to use it. It's pretty intuitivce once you see the tool. It really has only one way it can work. Once you unscrew the caliper, you can just change the pad and readjust. that's all. I am not a Ford expert, I just had to change brakes on my own late model Taurus several times. If I am wrong in this post, please correct me....

it can be compressed with a c-clamp. no need for the special tool. the helms' manual uses a c-clamp. JUST BE SURE TO UNSCREW THE MASTER CYLINDER CAP.

I have learned you have to be very careful of cross threading! Take your time and use a loctite product on the threads.

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Q: How do you change brakes on a 2003 Ford Focus?
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