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well here we go,if you have any mechanical knowledge about engines you have to find top dead center of the #1 cylender.on your balancer there will be a timing mark (groove) line it up with the # BAR ON THE TIMING CHAIN COVER.0 degrees. this will be at #1 OR #6. if you have a chiltens manual it will show you a pic of a distributor cap and the rotor botton location for #1. should point to the front more so to the left.mark the button and the housing for later on then mark the distributor shaft to the eng. block position. this makes it eisier for instalation later. unbolt the clamp bolt and remove. asuming you took off the cap and marked all the wires positions, pull the distributor up and out of the engine block. installing a new one is just the oposite. mark the best you can from the old one. you might have to try a few times to line up the rotor position. use a realy long needle nose pliers to turn the oil pump shaft if you need to for gear spline alighnment.once its in replace the holdown clamp and bolt,cap,wires,keep slight snug on clamp then tighten after you completed your timing position with your timing light. get a manual. it has pics and instructions to help you through. good luck.

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Q: How do you change distributor in 1986 blazer 28l Thanks Sherry?
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