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How do you change fuel injector 3 on a 1996 Oldsmobile acheiva?


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2007-06-02 00:09:54
2007-06-02 00:09:54

You take off two1/2 inch bolts below the fuel rail about two inches in from each end. Follow the fuel linesback on the right hand sideof the motor, and remove the 3/8 bolts. On the front of eng on throttle body, twobolts, 10 mm, hold the mounting bracket on throttle cable. Disconnect main throttle cable by rotating throttle plate to open position, and slide cable pin out of the bracket, measure the distance on black plastic shiftdown cable, write it down somewhere. Unscrewfrom housing of throttle body. This will allow you tomove cables out of the way. With a pry bar evenly pry both left and then right fuel tube up which will remove all four injectors. Unclip the front and back side of the third injector clip that holds it to the fuel rail. Using slight down pressure, and rotating it back and fourth you should be able to remove it from the fuel rail. At that point , take injector from betweenfuel rail and bottom return line toward the front of the eng. Push up the metal clip on the bottom of your electrical connection to the injector and this releases the electrical connection from the injector.

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