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How do you change oil?


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There is a drain plug on the oil pan under your car. It is towards the front end, sometimes two thirds or three quarters of the way to the front. The oil pan holds the oil. It looks like a square metal cake dish connected to the bottom of the car. If you loosen that plug and pull it out, the oil will drain out. You need something to catch the oil in; you can get one at your automotive store, or use a foil cake pan from the grocery store; they fit neatly under the car, and you might need two. You should get everything ready first, then start to drain the oil. The oil is best warm if you want it all to come out. After you have drained the oil, replace the oil plug, and the washer that came off with it. You may have to replace the washer with a new one. While you are getting the washer from the auto parts store, you need a filter, ask the person in the parts department which filter, and the washer, and buy oil. 20W-50 is always good, but double check. Do all the buying ahead of time, before you start to work. It may take 20 minutes; maybe longer the first time. The filter goes on last. Look up into the engine from where you are draining the oil. It is a can of sorts, and has to be unscrewed. Oil will spill from the old filter so be careful. There is also a special tool for this, ask when you get the rest of the stuff at the auto store. When you screw in the filter, after you get the old one off, you are ready to add about four quarts of oil. Check your owners manual, or check your dipstick after about the third quart. So, go to your auto parts store, and buy oil, an oil filter, a new washer for the oil pan plug, a receptacle for the old oil if you want, and Have fun.

* Park the vehicle on a level surface. * Chock the rear wheels front and back. * Jack up the front of the vehicle, and place jackstands securly under a solid portion of frame or under the A-frame of the front suspension. * Lower the vehicle onto the jackstands. * Place an oil collection pan (at least one and half gallon capacity) under the oil pan drain plug of the vehicle (slightly forward center of the pan is best). * loosen the drain plug carefully, especially if the vehicle engine is warm. * drain all the old oil from the pan and prelace the plug. * Move the pain carefully to the front of the vehicle under the engine compartment. * Locate the oil filter, and place the collection pan beneath it. * loosen the oil filter and remove it, tipping it upside down to keep the old oil inside. * Replace the old filter with a new one --DO NOT CROSSTHREAD THE NEW OIL FILTER-- MAKE CERTAIN you apply a small amount of new oil to the rubber gasket and threads of the oil filter before you install it. * Check the maintenance section of your vehicle handbook for the proper oil capacity of your vehicle. DO NOT OVERFILL THE OIL. IF YOU EXCEED THE CAPACITY OF YOUR VEHICLE, IT COULD CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE ENGINE SEALS. * Add the recommended oil in the recommended amount by the oil fill spout on the top of the engine. * Rejack the vehicle off the jackstands, and lower the vehicle. * Start the vehicle for a moment and check for leaks from the drain plug and oil filter (about one in 60,000 oil filters will be faulty--it is rare but occassionally they leak even when installed correctly.) * Turn off the vehicle and double check the oil level. Add small amounts if the level is low on the dipstick. The first time you change your own oil it could take you an hour or more. The more often you do change your own oil, the more familiar you will become with the process and your vehicle, and the faster you will be able to perform this maintenance.


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The oil filter is there to trap any tiny particles that are in the oil. You change it because it becomes dirty over time. Change the oil at every oil change.

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To change the oil, you should first buy 4 or 5 quarts of oil. Unscrew the oil pan and drain the oil. Then, change the oil filter and refill the system with oil.

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