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How do you change oil in a 1996 Nissan Sentra?

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April 21, 2005 3:21PM

Step 1. First, one must be prepared. Gather all materials, 1. Necessary amount of oil. (this varies from manufacturer) 2. Wrenches, rachets and sockets. 3. A pan to drain the dirty oil into. 4. A clean towel. 5. Latex gloves. 6. A new oil filter. 7. Get a hydrolic jack and a jack stand. Step 2. Choose a flat and level surface to place the car on. Step 3. Start the car and let it idle for five minutes. Although many people overlook the importance of this step, it serves to heat the oil to a thin, liquid state so that it will flow freely and take any debris with it. Step 4. After five minutes, stop the car. Then, open the hood of the car and put on gloves. Step 5. Jack the car up enough so that you can easily slide underneath it. Then place the jack stands under the frame supports. Step 6. part 1.Open the oil fill cap on the engine. part 2. Place the pan under the oil pan bolt, to catch the dirty oil. part 3. Use the appropriate rachet and socket to remove the oil pan bolt. Step 7. After the oil has drained into the pan. Remove the old oil filter. Step 8. part 1.Tighten the oil pan bolt to the necessary torque specifications. part 2. Next, put the new oil filter on the car. Step 9. Now it is time to fill the car with the proper amount of motor oil. When this is done, place the oil fill cap back on, start the car and allow it to run for a minute. Step 10. Finally, check the oil level on the dipstick and top off as needed.