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The Rear brakes are very easy to change. If you have ever changed the front brakes there is no real differnce.

1) Remove the tire 2) Open the bleader screws located on the caliper 3) Remove the bolts on the caliper holding it in place 4) Remove the caliper. ( note do not lat the caliper hang by the hose use a coat hanger to hang it from the suspension) 5) Remove the worn pads. 6) Depress the caliper piston , it screws down so you will need a $ 5.00 tool to rotate it down, availale at any parts store. 7) Install the new pads and reassamble the caliper. 8) Bleed the air from the brake system. 9) Close bleeder screws 10) Reinstall the tire.


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I replaced my rear rotors and pads on my 98 v6 mustang today and I wanted to add some information that may help the next novice. Here are some don'ts and do's to make your life easier during this project.

I called several parts places and none of the parts stores that I called had a caliper tool for $5.00 but I did find a caliper tool set at one of the national parts stores that was free but they required me to leave a refundable $60.09 deposit which was ok with me.

I started working on the rear passenger side first. I immediately had trouble with trying to screw in the piston. Yes, first thing I took the brake fluid cap off and then opened the bleeder valve on the caliper but the tool would just slip off the piston when I tried to turn it clockwise. After banging a few fingers I decided I needed to remove the caliper and put it in my shop vice to hold the caliper steady while I put the extra torque needed on the tool to screw in the piston and it worked. I was happy but little did I know that I just made a major mistake.

To put the Caliper in my vice required me to remove the emergency brake spring & cable as well as the brake line. Do not under any circumstance do this unless you are having to replace the caliper. Yes I got the piston screwed in using the vice but it was impossible for me to install the emergency brake spring back around the pin bolt. After Wrestling with the emergency brake spring for 2 hours and almost putting my eyes out several times trying to compress the spring, I finally gave up. I figured I needed more tools and experience and in the end this is something I may have a shop do. You can avoid this problem so keep reading.

If your caliper pistons are stuck and are hard to turn with the tool, then here is great way to accomplish your goal. I wished I would have thought about it on right rear.

On the left rear I removed the caliper and caliper bracket, then removed the rotor. With the old rotor removed, I re-installed the bracket and caliper without installing the rotor. I tightened all bolts . What this does for you is... the caliper is bolted down and you can use more torque on the tool to turn the piston in clockwise. The rotor is not in the way and tool will slide through the caliper face to face of the piston.

Once the piston is turned in, the removed the caliper and bracket again then re install with the new rotor & pads.

I had my wife help me bleed the brakes and all seems well except I have an Right Rear emergency spring in the console that needs to re installed if I can figure out how to do it?

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Q: How do you change rear brake pads on a 1998 Ford Mustang?
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