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Take the wheel of, remove the brake drum, remove the speed sensor from the back plate it's a small bolt. Then undo the four large bolts on the back plate. Use a slide hammer on the hub to remove it; it will be stuck solid in the axel. This ASUMES YOU AVE JACKED THE CARAVAN UP AND IT IS ON AXEL STANDS. It's a very simple job to do but the four large bolts on the back plate will be hard to remove so clean them of with a wire brush and spry them with wd40 or something equivalent before you start to undo them (use a big spanner or a half inch power bar on them). You will be glad you cleaned the threads and sprayed them when you remove them from the back plate. The slide hammer is the only special tool you will need you can also use the wheel as a leaver on the hub to help you remove it from the axel but I don't recommend that. It took me just over an hour to do one and most of that time was undoing the four bolts. (I cleaned and sprayed the other side an it was done in 30 mins)

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Q: How do you change rear hub assembly on 97 dodge caravan and do you need any special tools?
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