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How do you change rotors on a 1996 explorer?

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January 19, 2007 2:04PM

I am no mechanic by any means but I do know a little, I have changed brakes before in my time but mostly on small cars and one blazer that I had. Usually the rotors are held on by the brake calipers, the unit that houses the brake pads. Look behind the caliper in order to find the 2 bolts that support the whole unit, be sure they are the correct ones and carefully remove them by means of a wrench, socket or alien key. Once you have removed the brake caliper place it down carefully without rupturing or twisting the brake line. You bay have to pry open the brake pads or make space between the disk and brake pads by moving the brake piston back into the caliper housing like a turtle would put its head back into its shell in order to loosen off the caliper. Be careful not to damage the rubber seal located around the piston head. Once you have loosened the caliper and have laid it down away from the rotor, the rotor should easily be pulled off. Have a small hammer to softly hit it from behind if you need to do so.