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How do you change the AC and heater blower and relay in my 1990 Toyota Supra non-turbo?


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2011-09-13 00:17:39
2011-09-13 00:17:39

hi my ac radiator went on my 89 Toyota supra turbo and well urmm the mechanic had to take all the dash board out all the way back so you could see the engine from inside the cockpit! so it will probably be the same it will be a bit of a get to do


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como remplasar blower ac heater paseo 1993 toyota

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you will find it in the heater box, also where the blower is. it is easy to remove.

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Remove the wiring harness to the heater blower fan. Remove the retaining bolts. Remove the fan from the blower. Reverse the process to install the new heater blower fan.

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If a heater fan is not working on a Toyota RAV4, the problem might be with the blower motor resistor. The blower motor resistor is either on the firewall next to the heater motor or in the dash on the passenger side above the heater core.

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how do i change my blower motor on my 2007 malibu

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