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The egr is simple. Locate it at the top rear of the engine. There should be either 2 or 4 bolts.. and 2 vaccuum hoses to pull off. Make sure you have the metal gasket that goes with it.. Just remove all and replace it.. Put it back together the same way.. IF you light comes back on and still says no flow in or out of EGR.. then its not the egr valve. There is a EGR valve switch at the back of the motor that will burn up sometimes and cause the EGR not to work. If that's the case then the EGR Valve switch needs to be replaced. Ive had the same thing happen to my car and after I replaced the EGR and Vaccuum valve 2 times and wasted all that money, the whole time it was the EGR Switch in the back of the motor that had burnt up. As soon as I replaced that switch, I havent had a problem with it since.

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Q: How do you change the EGR Valve on a 2001 Toyota Camry 4c?
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