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How do you change the air conditioner filter in 2001 Honda civic?


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2005-10-22 03:18:59
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Open the glovebox. Empty it. There is a tab on the side to release it. Catch it as it falls. There are two filter panels located side by side. Lift one out. Slide the other one over and lift it out. Vacuum up the leaves and debris. Reinstall the old panels or new panels. Lock them in place.

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The 1996 Honda Civic does not have a cabin filter.

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You should change the air filter in your Honda Civic when it is dirty or at every second oil change. Most filters will last for two oil changes through standard daily driving.

Oil and Filter Change, Tire Rotation, and Engine Air Filter and Cabin Filter Change.

It has no filter on the trans-axle. If you are talking about the transmission filter, then it is inside the transmission.

3.5-3.75qts including filter change

Oil or filter change & tire rotation

The 1995 Honda civic dx transmission does not come with oil filter.

A 2002 Honda Civic has two cabin air filters, side by side, behind the glove box compartment.

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We found the oil filter about mid car behind the oil pan.

Yes. All cars will require an oil filter change, normally recommended when the car gets an oil change.

Well the best time to change your oil filter is when you do the oil change to your car. Which is every 3 months.

It means: Oil & Filter change and a Tire Rotation

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Most Honda's use an internal filter that is non-serviceable and can only be accessed by removing the transmission. Just change the fluid and forget the filter.

There is NO cabin filter for 2000 Honda Civic model (6th generation). Cabin filter started in 2001 and on (7th generation).

B1= engine oil change, engine oil filter change and a tire rotation.

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