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How do you change the antifreeze on a Saturn SL2?

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Step 1: Clean the radiator Step 2: Place a drain pan Step 3: Remove the radiator pressure cap Step 4: Inspect the pressure cap & hoses Step 5: Drain the radiator Step 6: Rinse the radiator Step 7: Add the coolant and water mixture Step 8: Bleed the system Step 9: Replace the pressure cap Step 10: Clean up. Step 1: Clean the radiator Make sure the engine is cool before you start. Your vehicle's cooling system sucks in air as you drive, which means insects, dirt and leaves can be pulled into the fins of the radiator fan. This condition prevents air from passing easily through the radiator, and can cause your car to overheat. Using a hose with a nozzle, a bucket of soapy water and a soft nylon brush, loosen the insects, leaves and other debris. Gently brush with the direction of the fins of the radiator fan, not against it. These thin metal fins are fragile and can be bent with this action if you're not careful. Follow this gentle cleaning with a gentle stream of water on the front and rear of the radiator. Don't turn up the hose to full pressure--a concentrated blast of water can be actually bend the fins of the radiator. In general, you should clean the radiator fins every 12,000 miles (19,000 km). Don't do it when the engine is hot, cold water can damage a hot engine. Wait until the engine has cooled before you start cleaning. Step 2: Center drain pan under the drain spout Never allow coolant to drain out onto the ground. Its sweet smell attracts animals that will drink it. Don't leave it to drain unattended in a pan for the same reason. Another way to protect wildlife from accidental spills is to use antifreeze that utilizes propylene glycol, instead of ethylene glycol. Antifreeze that is made with propylene glycol, such as SIERRA

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What color of antifreeze to use 2000 Saturn sl2?

Use the Gold antifreeze. It lasts longer and does not cause corrosion to the cooling system.

How do you change the fuel pump in a 1998 Saturn SL2?

One can change the fuel pump in a 1998 Saturn SL2 by taking it to a local Saturn dealership for the original fuel pump part from the Saturn manufacturer.

What Type of antifreeze for a 1993 Saturn sl2?

Match the color of your antifreeze to the new one you buy unless it states its good for all types.

Why does my 1996 Saturn sl2 boil over?

Boil over? As in antifreeze? that's probly a blown headgasket

How do you change the timing belt on a Saturn sl2?

The Saturn sl2 does not have a timing belt, it has a timing chain. And under most conditions it does not need replacing.

Where can I get a service manuel for my Saturn SL2?

1993 Saturn sl2

Will a motor out of a 1994 Saturn sl2 work in a 1995 Saturn sl2?

I am prettysure you can change the motor as long as the body structure is the same and you have skill in this sort of thing.

Change rear drum brakes on a 1999 Saturn SL2?

Are you asking how to??

How to change the Valve cover gasket on a 1997 Saturn sl2?

With tools

How much oil for 1993 sl2 Saturn?

4 quarts with filter change

Change clutch 1999 SL2 Saturn?

....Suree. More information is needed

How do you Change Fuel Filter on 1998 Saturn SL2?

See link below

Where is the transmission pan for a 97 Saturn sl2?

do a 99 Saturn sl2 have a transmission pan gasket

How do you reset the change oil light on a 1997 Saturn SL2?

97 SL2 does not have a change oil light. Only the red oil indicator which means you have a serious problem

Why does your 96 Saturn sl2 burn antifreeze?

No vehicle actually burns antifreeze. If the antifreeze level in your Saturn seems to be going down, it's because of a leak.Possible antifreeze leak locations are:Coolant hoses.Radiator cap.Water pump.Heater core.Head gasket.Cracked head or block.Find out where the leak is occurring and repair it.

How do you change the alternator on a 2001 Saturn sl2?

Why is antifreeze leaking inside the car of a 99 Saturn sl2?

Most likely a leak in the heater core, should be on the passenger side under the dash.

How do you change a timing chain in a 1997 Saturn SL2?

This proceedure is covered in the chiltons Saturn book available at auto zone and ect.

Can you use a 96 Saturn sl2 motor in a 99 sl2?


How do you change antifreeze on a 2003 Saturn ion-3?

To change the antifreeze on a 2003 Saturn Ion-3, locate the drain plug on the bottom of the radiator. Drain the liquid into a pan before refilling it.

How do you change the alternator on a 1994 Saturn SL2? richpin

What is the firing order on a 1993 Saturn sl2 twin cam?

What is the firing order on a 1993 saturn sl2 twin cam?

How do you install engine 2002 Saturn sl2 4-cylinder?

How do you install 2002 saturn sl2 4 cyl

How do you know if the fusible link in 1999 Saturn SL2 is fried?

The Saturn SL2 was produced from the years 1990 to 2002 in the United States. The best way to tell if the fusible link in a 1999 Saturn SL2 is fried is that there will be no 12v.

What is the coolant capacity for a Saturn sl2?

7 quarts of coolant will fill your sl2