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How do you change the battery in a 1987 Corvette?

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October 08, 2015 9:32AM

You'll need to remove the side cover, or at least the three screws connecting it on the front (just inside the wheel well), and the one at the top back (just behind the weather strip for the hood that comes down to the top of the side cover). There's also a screw at the bottom of the cover. This one's a pain to loosen or remove. It can only be accessed from the side. I've just loosened it on mine so the side cover bends out enough to remove the battery. I have never re-tightened that bottom screw and had no trouble with the side cover staying in place.


The bottom screw only needs to be loosened The plastic panel is slotted so you can slide it out once all the other screws are removed. The screw goes into a steel clip with threads that is held in place by the mount. Be careful not to crack the panel boss. IUt should slide out easily then allow complete access to the battery area. You need room in the back to loosen the hold down screw and rubber.

You have to fully remove the three wheel well torx screws and the top, one in the back of the panel near the door jam by pushing the weather stripping aside

The whole plastic panel then removes like a side cover on a motorcycle

Some people still remove all the cruise control and supports taking hours because they don't know this. I can change my battery in about 5 minutes so you can gauge yourself

For more info and pictures go here

5 minutes is a bit optimistic. 5 minutes to figure out what tools to use is more like it. Here's what I used. On the top bolt, use a 10 mm wrench. On the bottom bolt (which can only be seen if you lie down and look between the fender extension and the rocker panel) also use a 10 mm wrench. For the 3 screws on the inner fender, use a torx 30. For the hold down bolt on the battery, use a 13 mm socket, ratchet and extension. For the battery cable leads, use a 9 mm wrench. Finally, if you can start the engine, use the power steering to turn the front wheels so that you can get easier access to the 3 screws on the inner fender.