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If memory is correct it should be driven by the serpentine belt, which runs through one of the engine mounts. To change the belt you'll need to support the engine (by something other than the oil pan) and pull the engine mount. == here is another opinion== First you have to remove the belt to the alternator then you can remove the belt to the do this you will need a 19/32" socket and breakerbar or long ratchet.Put ratchet on belt tensioner nut and pull toward front of car then pull belt off.There is a separate ttensioner for each belt.

Ck my answer at "do you really need a super charger in a 92 park avenue"

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Q: How do you change the belt on the supercharger of a 1996 Buick Park Avenue Ultra?
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Is there a separate belt other than the serpentine belt on a 1997 buick park avenue?

I have a '92 PA Ultra. The Ultra has the supercharger. There are two sets of serpentine belts for this configuration.

How would you drain the oil from a supercharger in a 1994 Buick park avenue ultra?

You don't. It uses the same oil for lube as the engine. When you change the engine oil, you are changing the supercharger oil. * On the 92 PA ultra, The supercharger is sealed. The oil plug is next to the drive pulley, on the side closest to the firewall. Suck the old oil out with a turkey baster or similar, and refill with a high quality synthetic, or with GM specific Supercharger oil.

What type of oil goes into the supercharger on a 1992 buick park avenue ultra?

It is a special blend oil called "Supercharger Oil" The GM dealers can get it however it will cost around $8-$10 for a 4 oz bottle. Thank you, From

Does a Buick Park Avenue Ultra use regular gasoline?

No the Buick Park Ave Ultra requires premium fuel

What causes bad idle in 1997 Buick park avenue ultra?

what is the down side of the 1997 buick park avenue

How do you know if your Buick park avenue is super charged or not?

It says Buick Ultra... = Supercharged

Can a Buick Park Avenue Ultra be a sedan?

It is, was, and always will be a sedan...

What is the towing capacity for the 1995 Buick park avenue ultra?


What is the housepower on a 1993 BuickPark Avenue Ultra?

The 1993 Buick Park Avenue Ultra produced 205 horsepower and 260 lb-feet of torque.

What size engine is in a 1998 Buick Park Avenue Ultra?

3.8 litre

What engine liter is in a 1998 Buick Park Avenue Ultra?

3.8 liter

How to find a good used supercharger for a 1993 buick park ave ultra? self explanatory from there

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