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How do you change the belt weatherstripping on a Chevy door?


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March 05, 2011 6:45PM

In my opinion you should follow this guidelines :

Open the front door and locate the pins holding the rubber weatherstripping in place along the corners of the door frame. Pull out the pins by hand and carefully cut through the weatherstripping with a utility knife. Pull up on the weatherstripping by hand to peel it away from the frame of the door.

Slide a putty knife underneath to loosen the weatherstripping and continue pulling until it has all been removed. Scrape the inside channel where the weatherstripping was located with a small plastic scraper to remove any remaining residue.

Cover the seats and floor of your car with blankets so they do not get dripped on. Spray lacquer thinner on a clean cloth and clean out the channel to remove any left over gunk and prepare it for the new weatherstripping that will be installed. Dry off the channel with a clean rag.

Clean and smooth out the push pin holes with a small punch. Hammer a small punch into each hole to make it much easier to push the pins into place. Apply black weatherstrip adhesive to the corners of the new weatherstripping and place it into the channel along the door.

Push the weatherstripping down into place and insert the push pins into place to secure it to the door frame. Wipe off any excessive adhesive that is visible on the surface with lacquer thinner and a cloth. Wait three hours before closing your car door so the adhesive can cure and the rubber will not glue itself to the door.