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Sounds to me like your thermostat may be stuck open. When your going slow or idleing the motor will warm up and more hot water will be circulated through the heater core. When you are running at a higher rpm, the motor is cooler(because the water is circulated faster by the water pump) and the heater core gets cooler water instead of warmer water. I would guess that the thermostat is either stuck in the open position or is missing all together. So, does your temp guage show you at about 196 degrees all the time or does it drop as you speed up? The only way to check the thermostat is to pull it out and place it in a pan with water and heat it on the stove. Put a thermometer in the water and as the temp reaches about 195, the thermostat should start to open. Of course if it is bad, it may be open and stay that way through all this. Since they don't cost that much, its easier to just replace it. .

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Q: How do you change the blower resister module in 2003 durango?
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Is the heater resister module in front of the radiator?

The year, make and model info would help but generally the heater blower motor resister is located close by the heater blower motor.

Exactly where is heater blower resister on 1988 Ford Laser?

I found the resister, it is a small module held by 2 small screws on the base of the heater blower behind the glove box.

How do you replace the rear blower motor resistor on a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer?

Remove the HVAC rear module auxiliary assembly.Disconnect the electrical connectors from the rear blower resister auxiliary.Remove the air outlet duct from the rear blower motor controller auxiliary.Remove the screws from the blower motor rear resister auxiliary.Remove the rear blower motor resister auxiliary.Replace the resister and install new thermal gasket.................

How do you stop the AC blower motor from continuing to blow after ingnition is turned off?

your motor resister is bad or might be called the climate control module

What is and where is the blower fan control module?

I have an 89 Delta 88 and if you have Electronic Climate Control there is a control module located just right(passenger side) of center at the firewall. It is in the same location as the blower fan resister assembly on a car with standard a/c controls.

Is a heater module and a blower resistor the same?

No. An AC/heater control module is a computer that controls and automates the operation of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC).The blower resistor enables the blower motor to change the speed of the fan.

Where is the vacuum control module located on 02 Durango?

No such part exists on a Durango.

Is a blower motor resistor for a 2003 Town Country the same as the blower module?

On the auto temp unit it is called a blower power module.

Buick Riviera Blower will not stop?

blower motor module

How do you change the fuel filter on a 2001 Durango 5.9L?

You have to remove the fuel tank as the filter is part of the pump module in the tank.

When you replace a blower motor do you have to replace the resistor module too?

Something called a blower control module takes the place and is found in the hole where you would find a blower resistor, so there isn't a blower resistor in that vehicle. As far as the blower control module is concerned, the module is serviced as a unit. No part can be fixed or replaced. This is not to be confused with the control head in the dash. The blower control module is held into the heater box with two 8mm screws outside the firewall under the hood, where you would normally find the blower resistor pack.

Fan on my air conditioner would not turn off in my 93 Oldsmobile when I turned the engine off. I unpugged it under the hood. I replugged the fan and started the engine and now it won't work at all?

You probably need a new electronic resister module. The module is located in the blower/heater box. To access it you will need to remove the maxifuse center (the same power strip that holds the relay you removed). Don't panic - its only retained by three nuts. Keep in mind that another component could have caused the resister module to go bad. Be prepared to purchase a new blower motor at the same time.

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