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Open the Tailgate remove two small screws on side near taillight. it should slide out. Or if you like Drive to dealer and pay them 50 bucks and drink old yuky coffee

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Q: How do you change the brake light on a 2001 F-150 super-crew?
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What would cause the cruise control not to work on a 2001 F150 Supercrew?

Check the fuse first then the brake light switch

Where is the emergency brake light switch on ford 2001 supercrew?

Check at the upper end of the pedal under dash area

How do you change a brake light switch on a 2001 Daewoo Leganza?

Were and how do you change a brake light switch on a Daewoo Leganza 2001

How to change the Belt on a Ford 2002 F150 V8?

I need to change out the alternator on my 2001 f150 supercrew. how do I do it?

How do you remove brake light cover to change bulb on 2001 Ford Focus ZX3?

How do you remove the brake light cover on a ford focus

How do you change the brake light on a 2001 Nissan Quest?

The light assy has to be removed and the bulbs removed from the back.

How do you replace the brake light on a 2001 Jeep Cherokee?

To replace the brake light bulb you need to remove the whole light assembly. Once removed the change is simple.

How do you change the stop light bulb on a 2001 Toyota Echo?

Look in the trunk, there is cover for the brake light, remove and you will have access to change the bulb.

How do you change the tail light or brake light on a 2001 Lincoln Continental brake light?

You have to remove the trunk liner from the rear of the car,and then remove the three bolts that hold the taillight into place.

How many quarts of oil are needed for a 2001 ford supercrew with a 5.4 engine?


How you you change the high mount brake light on 2001 Lexus RX300?

Remove the wiring harness from the high mount brake light. Remove the back cover of the brake light assembly. Take hold of the brake light connector, push in and turn at the same time. Reverse the process to install the new brake light.

WHY does your 2001 Suburban abs and brake light come on after several minutes?

Brake light on and why

Where is the brake light switch on a 2001 Buick Century?

The 2001 Buick Century brake light switch is located beneath the dashboard, on the drivers side. The brake light switch should be labeled as such.

Where is the fuse for the third brake light on a 2001 F-150?

the third brake light is direct from brake light switch no fuse

How do you change brake light 2001 vauxhall corsa?

Remove the lense from the car then you will find a holder with all the bulbs in. change which ever bulb

How do you know if your brake switch is bad for a 2001 blazer?

If the brake light fuse is good and the brake light bulbs are good it's probably a faulty brake light switch.

Where is the brake light located on a 2001 sable wagon?

Other than at the back of the car... (?) If the question is about how to change brake light bulbs, See "Related Questions" below If the question is about the brake light switch, that's on the brake pedal - just a couple of wires going to it and rather easily replaced.

How do you change rear brake light 2001 mercury villager?

To change the rear brake light on a Mercury Villager, the tail gate must first be lifted. This allows access to the lens, which must be removed with a screwdriver. Then, the bulb may be replaced.

Why are the brake lights always on on your 2001 ML430?

The brake light switch has failed

How do you change brake light in 2001 olds auorora?

Disconnect the four plastic screws holding the plastic plate in the back of the trunk. This exposes the tail and brake lights.

How do you replace brake light on 2001 dodge durango?

To replace the brake light on a 2001 Dodge Durango the light lens must be removed. It is held on by a clip on one side and a hinge on another. It opens like a door to access the brake light housing.

How change brake pads in Toyota Highlander 2005?

how do you change the front brake rotor on a 2001 highlander?

Why Does Parking Brake Light stay on 2001 Chev Tahoe when brake is released?

The brake light on most vehicles is not only an indicator that the parking brake is on, but that there is a problem with the system.

Whereis brake light switch located 2001?

Need to know 2001 what.

Why would my brake lights stay on with my 2001 peterbilt 379?

Stuck brake light switch, or a short to power somewhere in the brake light circuit.