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I just changed the rear pads on my 1995 Subaru Legacy and it was really easy. I had someone there who had done it and he talked me through, but if you are not so lucky I would suggest that you get a book from the library or buy one if you think you may use it in the future for your car. It will take you about 1-2 hours and save you a load of money. You can use the jack that came with your car, but I would suggest that you get a jack stand for safety (basicly a stand that you place under your car in a "solid" location in case the jack slips; keeps the car from falling on the rotor and your body. A very good safety feature!) You will need to buy brake pads, new rotors or have the old one machined (not a big $ saver) and calipers if the old ones need to be replaced (you will know this by how the pads are worn. If they are evenly worn you calipers should be OK and if they are not even you should replace the calipers because they are not applying pressure evenly). I would also suggest going to a local (not a chain) auto parts store because they are usually more helpful and they will most likely accept returned parts that you bought and did not use. (i.e. the calipers if you did not need them) They will also be much more likely to give you good advice. I know this does not lead you through the brake process, but it may get you started and let you know that it is not that hard and it will save you a load of money, as shops charge an inflated "flat-rate" for brakes.

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Q: How do you change the brake pads on a 1995 ford escort?
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