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You will need a metric Allen wrench (7 mm).Jack up passenger side and place jack stand. Remove wheel. Take a screwdriver and work it in between brake pad and rotor. Once done, apply steady pressure on brake pad until you push the caliper piston as far in (toward engine) as it will go. You will need to remove caliper bolts. They are on the back of the caliper at top and bottom. Place Allen wrench in each bolt and turn wrench towards front of vehicle to remove. Once removed, remove caliper with brake pads inside. Match new brake pads with old and put new pads in like you removed the old pads. Place new pads and caliper back on vehicle and replace caliper bolts. If caliper and new pads do not slide easily back in place,you may need to get a large c-clamp and push piston back in caliper a little more. After you get caliper back on and tightened, get in car and pump your brake pedal until it is hard to push. This resets the brake pads. Replace wheel and your done!!

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Q: How do you change the brakes on a 2001 VW New Beetle GLS with the 2.0?
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