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How do you change the coil pack on a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee?


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4.7 V8 Loosen the hose clamps on the side of the airbox and near the throttle body at the back of the "resonator" where it says 4.7 Powertech. 2 10 mm bolts at the bottom sides of the resonator. pull up and forward. slide out the red tab on the connector at the coil and squeeze the tab and pull the connector away. there are 10 mm nuts keeping each coil pack on the spark plug. remove that and pull upward. the rear plugs are more difficult but possible with a swivel and different size extensions.

4.0L I6 Not my specialty, but I think that there are 4 bolts along the coil pack then it can be lifted from the plugs by prying alternately on either side then push the silde tab outward and by squeezing the connector, pull it off the rail and remove the rail from the vehicle


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