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I assume you mean A/C compressor.

first of all you should take your car to an authorized mechanic that has an EVAC system to capture the freon.

If yours has all leaked out, or if you have a discussion with your freon and it promises not to eat away the O-zone layer, do the following:

disconnect the 2 padded freom lines going into the compressor with a 10mm socket. This is assuming the system is empty!

There are 4 bolts about 5-6" long attaching the compressor to the engine block. remove these with a 10mm socket.

Pull the compressor away from the motor and remove the belt.

work it out of the engine bay and replace with the new compressor.

      • caution...the freom is under extreme pressure, make sure the system is empty before attempting***
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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:07:45
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Q: How do you change the compressor in a 98 Honda Civic?
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