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Changing a Saturn dome lamp(I just changed the dome light on my 1999 Saturn Sedan. ) 1. Remove the clear plastic cover: IMPORTANT: Turn the dome light switch to "Off". On the passenger's side of the dome light there is a small, rectangular opening (a slot). Stick a Flathead screwdriver DEEPLY into this slot in order to press a catch inside. The clear cover should swing open on its "hinges". I popped the cover out of the hinges for easy access. 2. Remove old bulb: Move the bulb forward (towards the front of the car). The bulb is supported by two silver-colored contacts (little pieces of metal). Move the bulb forward a little and up a little while pushing one of the contacts towards the other one. This should slide the old bulb out. 3. Connect new bulb: The bulb number for a 1999 Saturn sedan is 562. Slide the new bulb onto the contacts while squeezing the contacts together. Turn dome light switch to "On" to see if bulb works. 4. Replace clear plastic cover: Pop the cover back on the hinges. Swing the cover back into place. 5. If it worked, then help someone else!
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Q: How do you change the dome light in a Saturn 1998 SL1?
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