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Front Brake Pads: From 89-96 models 1) Loosen the pug nuts slightly for the wheels 2) Raisde and support the vehicle safely. 3) Remove wheels ( if hard to come off, may have to spray W40 or use a pully to pull the wheel out if it is rusted ) 4) Siphon a sufficient quantiy of brake fluid from the master cylinder reservoir to prevent any brake fluid from overflowing the master cylinder when removing or installing new pads. This is necessary as the piston must be forced into the caliper bore to provide sufficicent clearance when installing the pads. 5)On 96 model, remove the 2 caliper mouting pins( bolts), then remove the caliper assembly. You might lift, pry the caliper up and suspend it with a wire. Do not disconnect brake line. 5) Slide out the old brake pads along with any anti-shims, springs, pad wear indicators and pad support plates. Make sure to note the position of all assorted pad hardwares.

To Install: 6) Check the brake disc ( rotor) for thicnkness and run-out. Inspect the caliper and piston assembly for breakds, cracks, flud seepage or other damage. Overhaul or replace if necessary. 7) Install the pad support plate into the torge plate 8) Install the pad wear indicators onto the pads. Be sure the arrow on indicator plate is pointing the direction of rotation. Becareful not to lose or bend any clips. 9)Install the anti-squeal ship on the outside of each pad and then isntall the pad assemblies into the torge plate. 10) Postiontion the caliper back down over the pads. If it won't fit, use a C-Clamp or hammer handle and carefully forced- push in by hand- into its bore. 10)On front pads, install and tighten the caliper mounting bolts to 25 ft. lbs. 11) Install the wheels and lower the vehicle. Check the brake fluid level. Before moving the vehicle, make sure to pump the brake pedal to seat the pads against the rotor

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Q: How do you change the front brakes on a 1996 Toyota Camry?
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