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The bearings are not usually replaceable because the hub, ABS speed sensor, and bearings are all combined in one non servicable unit that sells new for nearly $600.00. You can buy used hub assemblies much cheaper and they work fine. If the hub assembly is in other wise good condition, it may be possible to press them out of the hub and get new bearings from a bearing supply business. I've never had one that wasn't completely damaged that doesn't enable an attempt to replace the bearings. The ABS system is one that works or it doesn't, there is no in between. So if it works at all, it is working correctly

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Q: How do you change the front wheel bearings on a 1997 Pontiac transport?
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What tools are required to change the front brakes on a 1992 Pontiac Transport?

Visegrips, a cigarette and beer.

How do you replace Pontiac vibe front wheel bearings?

The front wheel bearings, of a Pontiac vibe, can be replaced by first removing the front wheel. Next, remove the axle end cap. Remove the bearing and reverse the process to install the new bearing.

How do you replace front brake pads on a 1992 Pontiac Transport?

With a wrench.

Is replacing the front wheel bearings on a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix the same as for the 2001?


Change front wheel bearings on Honda ATV?

how do you change front wheel bearing for 420 rancher

How do you change front wheel bearings on a 96 Pontiac grand-am gt?

The 1996 Pontiac Grand Am is a front wheel drive application. This vehicle has sealed (non-serviceable) and bolt-in wheel/hub bearing units. Removing and replacing them involves removing the wheels/tires, brake rotors and then unbolting the wheel/hub bearings. The General Motors OE front hubs are AC Delco #2025K.

How do I change the front wheel bearings in a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix?

The front wheels bearings are sealed in an assembly. You cannot replace the bearings, just the entire assembly. I priced out the units about 5 years ago and I was quoted anywhere from $150 to $225 each. I asked the parts suppliers if replacing them is a DIY job and most advised against trying it myself.

Where is the horn located on a Pontiac transport?

The horn on a Pontiac Transport is located in the engine compartment on the passenger side of the vehicle. It should be right behind the passenger side front headlight.

Where are the back spark plugs on a 1997 Pontiac transport and how do you change them?

take the two bolts out of the front engine mounts ant pull the engine forward to replace

When do you change front wheel bearings?

When you change rotor or main ball joint, or when they get worn.

How do you change a front fog light in a 1996 Pontiac Bonneville?

'How do you change a fog light in a 1996 Pontiac Bonneville? ... How do you

How do you change the front wheel bearings on a ford transit?

To change the front wheel bearings on a Ford transit, one needs press or bearing removal tools, as well as a jack. If one does not have these kinds of tools, it is advisable to visit a car mechanic in order to remove the front wheel bearings safely.

How do you change the front wheel bearings on a Citroen Dispatch Van?

front hub removal dispatch

Do you have to replace jetta bearings when you replace the hub?

are you talking about the front or back? the back bearings are a non serviceable part, the in order to change the bearings u need to change the hub, the front bearings can be separated, but chances are if you have to change your hub, bearings will have to be changed also, you will damage the bearings trying to remove them and put them back in, so my answer is yes. get the parts yourself from and you will save alot of money over dealer or most shops.

How to change front Wheel bearings on a 2001 dodge ram truck?

the front wheel bearings are a sealed unit, requiring a front hub assembly. when i bought mine it was a dealer item only

Where is oil pressure sender for 1995 Pontiac transport?

Oil pressure sender /fuel pump switch for 1995 Pontiac transport 3.1 is located between oil filter and starter at front of engine.

How do you change front wheel bearings on 1997 Toyota rav4?

screw driver

How do you change the wheel bearings on a 1995 Geo Prizm?

Front or Rear? Both

How do you change the front wheel bearings on a 1998 Plymouth Neon?

You will need to take the front spindle off and take it to a shop that can press your old bearings off and new ones on.

What front axle bearings does a 2001 Pontiac sunfire use?

Luckily, it isn't pressed in. It's a hub assembly. Just bolts in and out.

How do you change front wheel bearings on 2004 mercury mountaineer?

My front wheel bearings just went in my 04 mountaineer, and we tried to replace them ourselves, but in order to get to the bearings you have to have the truck up on a lift, so unfortunately we had to send it to a mechanic.

How do you change bearings 400ex?

Front or rear? Front is very simple, the rear may be a little more complicated.

What are the locations of the speakers in a 1995 Pontiac transport van?

speakers are on the front dash and back hatch door.

Location of starter on 97 Pontiac transport?

Bottom front of motor between the radiator and engine block

How do you change the front wheel bearings on a 2002 Chevy 3500 truck?

sorry to have to tell you this but the bearings are part of the wheel hub and sealed within. you need to change the entire hub. $$$$$$$