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How do you change the fuel pump in 1995 Bronco with 5.0 and auto trans?

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you've gotta drop the tank. Make sure it's empty. I mean bone dry.

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Will the auto trans from 1986 302 bronco work in a 1989 351 bronco?

it shold

What can you do to make a 1990 bronco auto transmission shift gears?

drop the transmission pan and change the fluid and trans filter

Will a auto trans from a 1995 Ford F150 fit in a 1992 Ford bronco?

If the F-150 has the Ford E4OD transmission, then yes, it will fit into the Ford Bronco. If it has the E6 automatic, however, you may have some issues.

What type auto trans fluid 4spd trans 1990 ford bronco II?

Mercron / Dextron III

Is the sensor inside the trans on a 1995 Mercury overdrive?

Inside the auto trans.

How do you assemble a 1988 ford bronco ii auto trans?

Carefully, cleanly, with the proper tools.

What auto trans is in 1995 dodge 4x4?


What kind of transmission fluid do you put in 1990 Ford Bronco?

the manual trans should be dexIII auto fluid, sounds wrong but isnt, the auto trans i would think the same but not 100% on that

1995 mercury mystique with new engine and new trans wont shift into overdrive and shifts hard 1st 2nd and 3rd could it be?

auto or man? auto change trans filter and add new trans fluid I'd use lucis trans fluid. cable could be streached

Can you change from auto trans to manual trans?

yes you can, but you will also have to change flywheel on engine to enable you to intall a clutch

What transmission is in a 1995 Pontiac trans am?

6-speed or 4-speed auto

What auto trans is in a 1995 dodge 1500 with a 360?


How do you drain and refill transmission oil for a 1990 ford bronco?

Answerauto trans their should be a drain plug on the bottom of the trans and a filler neck with the dipstick under the hood manuel trans again with the drain plug and somethimes its easiest to take out the shifter and fill it from the top also on the auto if their is no plug you may just have to take the pan offif your going to change the fluid on an auto tranny, you should do a service, drop the pan change the filter. 1st why are you changing fluid, is the transmission acting up?

How do you change auto trans fluid in a BA falcon?

they are a sealed gearbox.

Why wont a 89 Ford Bronco w auto not move when put in gear Fluid is full and trans pump is working?

Internal clutch pack might be worn. There might be a problem with the auto-trans "valve body", the filter might be plugged, but if that's the case the trans is through anyway. The torque converter is bad or the intire trans is bad

What transmission is in a 1995 S 10 Blazer with the 4.3 V6?

If it's an auto trans, it has the 4L60E.

Your auto trans in 1995 Honda Del Sol seems to be slow to shift?

That's how the AUTO shifts. Its normal if it takes a little longer.

Can you change auto hubs to manual 89 bronco 2?

yes you can . they make several conversion kits

Can you tow your 1995 ford explorer 4X4 with automatic transmission on a car dolly?

no you can not tow a vehicle with an auto trans on a dolly if the drive axle is on the ground. the auto trans does not circulate fluid to the parts unless the engine is running.

When and why did jeep change from the 3 speed auto trans to the 4 speed auto trans and which is better?

Thw wrangler got the 4 spd about 2002. The 4 spd is better for fuel economy,

What kind of oil do you use in transfer case 93 jeep wrangler?

Auto trans fluid (atf)Auto trans fluid (atf)

What kind of transmission fluid is needed for a 1995 Chevy s-10 standard?


What automatic transmissions are compatible with a 1995 Mustang gt 5.0?

The only auto trans that will fit are the 94-95 AODE.

Why wont gears change in 1995 Chevy cavalier?

Auto or standard?

1995 disco auto trans illumiation bulbs changed but still don't work I don't know where or which fuse to look for?