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How do you change the fuel pump on a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder and is there an access hole allowing removal without removing tank?

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2006-10-16 17:09:00

on carbureted models there is either a mechanical pump on the

right side of the cylinder head, or an electric pump on the frame

rail under the right rear of the vehicle. but on injected models it

is a tank mounted pump and heres how to do it... first remove the

fuel tank by first removing drain plug and draining fuel, then

disconnect the fuel filler hose, fuel outlet hose,air ventilation

hose, breather hose, fuel return hose, and the wiring connector for

the gage unit. remove tank protector shield ( if equipped), support

the tank with a jack and remove mounting bolts, then lower tank,

then remove the fuel pump/gage locking plate using a brass punch

and hammer to turn it clockwise ( no sparks!!), and lift unit from


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