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I posted the question, and found the answer, so I thought I would help anyone out who was curious. The heating and a/c blower motor is located behind the glove box. There are 4 plastic snaps that you have to undo to get the glove compartment to come down, and you will see the housing for the blower motor to the back. It looks round and is held together by 3 screws. A black and purple wire come from the dash to the housing to power the motor. Just remove the wires, undo the 3 screws (the one in the back is pretty tedious) and the motor drops out. Hint: In order to ensure that it is the blower motor and not just a bad connection, put a voltmeter on the wires coming down from the dash to make sure that there is power going through them. If not, then you know it isn't the blower motor and don't need to waste time getting the motor out. If you get voltage from it, but nothing is happening when you try to kick the fans on, then more than likely it is a dead motor. I replaced mine for about $50 part cost. If you feel confident enough, save the labor and additional cost of taking it somewhere and do it on your own. Thanks.

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2005-11-27 15:42:55
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Q: How do you change the heating and ac blower motor in a 1998 Saturn SL2?
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