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You don't the ignition switch on a 1974 Dodge Powerwagon because there is no such vehicle. They did not make a 1974 Dodge Powerwagon!

Wrong I personelly am looking at the title to a 1974 dodge power wagon ! i own one so get facts strait or dont respond to ???

Are you talkin about the ignition coil? if so its twords back left it'll be black and cylindrically shaped simply remove and replace old wire onto new ignition coil.

First off Power Wagons have been made way back and long before 74's.

If your talking the ignition switch in the column. You have to remove the steering wheel, horn assembly, and move the directional assembly out of the way. If you look down on the right hand side there will be a hole. There is a spring loaded locking pin that you insert a small screwdriver into the hole and depress the lock than pull the ignition switch out of the column.

I had a 1973 Dodge Power Wagon W200 that I dearly love. I put a stoker Hemi in it and it would pull trucks out of the mud holes like a wild ape on fire. I can't believe someone said that they were not made back them. Get your facts straight. The Power Wagon was used in World War 2 as the main truck that transported are troops across the European theater.


I bought my 1974 Dodge Power Wagon in December 1973. It came complete with POWER WAGON hood emblems. Sales literature also identifies 4x4 as POWER WAGON.


The DodgePower Wagon was a Four_wheel_drivePickup_truckproduced from 1945 through 1980. This early version was based on a military truck and is a predecessor to the many four wheel drive pickups in use today.

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Q: How do you change the ignition switch on a 1974 Dodge Powerwagon?
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