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You don't have to remove the whole dash to replace the bulbs. You only have to remove the individual componets that are illuminated, like the heater control head and instrument cluster. Each piece will have a bezel or trim piece around it. You will have to study each piece to see if there are any screws, but you may only need to pry it loose. If you don't see any screws, carefully pry just a little bit on each corner of the trim cover to see if it comes loose fairly easily. Once you get each trim bezel off around the item you want to remove to replace the illumination bulbs, then there will be four 7mm screws on the heater control head, and there will also be four 7mm screws on the instrument cluster. As you remove each item, unplug the connectors, and turn it over to reveal the little bulb sockets. Each socket comes out with a 1/4 turn counter-clockwise to remove it.
This is a tricky job. I have no idea why Ford buried the console access under so much junk, but there you are. First, remove the upper and lower steering column shrouds. Then you must remove the radio. (I know, sounds crazy, right?) If you're unaware of the procedure for this, find some long nails that roughly match the diameter of the four holes and insert them. Inserting the nails releases some clamps, allowing the thing to come loose. Once the radio is out and disconnected, undo the four bolts holding the surrounding plastic (black, runs to steering column). Now you should be able to unbolt and remove the duct covers surrounding the dash. Remove and unbolt the dash meter unit. You'll have to disconnect the cable that links the gearshift to the gear display (It's just a loop that unhooks). The whole thing will pull out enough for you to unplug the electrical leads and separate the whole thing. From there, it's just a matter of replacing burned out bulbs. Don't forget to recalibrate the gearshift cable upon reconnection!

Pull the dash off and then the instrument panel off and it is connected to the back of the instrument panel itself, easy to do but a lot of work. Or if you have a desired color that you want in your instrament pannel, go to auto zone and the have these flexable strip lights you can wire into the headlight swich, its a little easier and it looks cool too!!!

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Q: How do you change the instrument panel bulb in a 2002 Ford Taurus?
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