How do you change the light bulb in the ceiling light in a 1994 Toyota Camry?

The bulb is located under the lens. The lens is held in place by by pressure clips. Carefully squeeze it and it will come off.

After reading my owners manuel, I was able to see how it to access the rear bulbs. Here are the steps as i will try to simplify the best i can. For the rear drivers side light assembly: 1. open the trunk 2. remove the two (2) screws (there are only 2) from the panel assembly. The screws are on the side on the light assembly panel closest to the center of the vechicle. 3. Once the 2 screws are removed In order to remove the panel you have to slightly pull the assembley away from where it was connected with the screws. Only a few inches. 4. Take your right lower palm of your hand and rap on the assembly with a horizontal force as if your trying to force the opposite side of the light assembly to 'pop out' of the vehicle without breaking the clips holding it in place. 5.You may also find it useful to very carefully use a thin stiff blade putty knife to help break the seal from the side your trying to pop out. but be careful not to use to much force but just enough to help with the raping of your hand.